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Areas of Practice

We are able and ready to assist you at anytime. You can call us in an emergency 24 hours a day for our help where we will advise you on your rights and the best way to protect your interests. Alternatively, we can serve you better by conducting a fifteen minutes consultation free of charge with no obligations. You can use this interview to determine with the solicitor the nature of your legal issues and discuss your available options. We practice in all criminal jurisdictions including.

We can represent you at:

Police Stations: We provide a 24-hour emergency telephone service for clients arrested and interviewed. Magistrates’ Court: Most prosecutions begin at the Magistrates Court and we are able to represent our client in these cases throughout Victoria Children Court: We offer expert knowledge of the particular problems faced by young people in the criminal justice system. Supreme & County Court: The most serious charges are brought before the Supreme & County Courts. We undertake a large number of matter in these Courts and have a wealth of experience in the conduct and preparation of what may be either a straight forward or very complex case such as homicide, serious drug offences and serious fraud as well as appeals and complex pleas at all times offering an extremely experienced service Coroners Court: We offer representation and assistance for matters appearing at the Coroners’ Court.

Our dedicated and experienced staff can assist you so seek help now and call Rainer Martini & Associates.