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Firearm Offences Lawyer Melbourne

Rainer Martini & Associates is the firm to trust when you are facing both minor and serious firearm offence charges.

Our proven and professional staff will work tirelessly for your case, ensuring that you feel heard and respected, rather than just another face in a boardroom. We will carefully go through all of the details and specifics relating to your charges, helping you to better understand what they mean as well as the potential punishments attached to each one.

There are a large number of offences regarding weapons. You may have been charged under the Firearms Act 1996. This could involve serious charges of possessing a firearm without a licence and/or use of a firearm. There are also charges under the Control of Weapons Act 1990. It sets out a list of weapons that you are not allowed to have possession of without lawful excuse. There are also weapons that are prohibited and there is no lawful excuse. It is important that you obtain advice and representation regarding these charges. We are Criminal Law Specialists with lengthy experience and expertise in this area of law.

To arrange a consultation with our firearm offence lawyers, Melbourne clients simply have to call our firm today.

The Trusted and Experienced Firearm Offence Lawyers in and Around Melbourne

No matter what the nature of your firearms charges may be, you can be confident the solicitors here at Rainer Martini & Associates will provide a comprehensive legal representation.

We know how intimidating and complex the legal system can seem to those with little or no experience of it, which is why we work to provide all information to our clients as clearly and directly as possible, ensuring they are fully aware of the legal standing of their case at every step of the process.

For more information on the benefits of working with our skilled firearm offence lawyers, Melbourne clients can contact Rainer Martini & Associates today.

Proven Forearm Offence Lawyers, Representing Melbourne Clients

Don’t settle for subpar legal services for your case. Turn to the staff at Rainer Martini & Associates and see why we have been placed among the leading firearm offence lawyers in Melbourne for more than 40 years.

We will make sure that you understand all legal options that are open to you as your case progresses, and are there in your corner to provide support and assistance every step of the way.

For Leading Services from Qualified Firearm Offence Lawyers, Melbourne Clients Call Us

We are proud to be recognised as the sought-after firearm offence lawyers in Melbourne, and across the surrounding area. For all consultation enquiries, make sure to call our solicitors on 9879 5868.

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