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Why Rainer Martini & Associates

Mr. Martini has been involved in hundreds of trials over the years both as a barrister and a solicitor. He has intimate knowledge with regard to serious trials such as murder, rape, drugs, armed robbery, commercial fraud, and many others. He appears personally for his clients in all courts as well as briefing experienced barristers.

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If you have recently been charged with a minor or serious motor vehicle or traffic offense, it is important that you find representation from a legal expert who is committed to fighting in your corner and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

That’s why you need to contact Rainer Martini & Associates.

Our traffic lawyers provide Frankston clients with the support and assistance they need to navigate their upcoming legal proceedings, and will help to take some of the intimidation and stress out of the matter.

Uncompromising Services from an Experienced Team of Traffic Lawyers in Frankston

Rainer Martini & Associates is proud to have been a leading name in traffic law for more than 40 years, always working to provide our clients with unparalleled legal services, ensuring they receive a fair and balance defence no matter what charge or offence they are facing.

We represent clients in both minor and serious traffic cases, from speeding fines to drink driving charges, always offering comprehensive and compassionate legal assistance.

Leading Traffic Lawyers in Frankston

Should they find themselves in need of a professional traffic lawyer, Frankston clients know to contact the solicitors and barrister of Rainer Martini & Associates.

We provide one-on-one consultations for all clients, allowing our staff to develop a targeted and detailed defence for any and all charges related to the case.

To speak with a member of our staff, or for all further enquiries, don’t hesitate to call 9879 5868.

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    3rd Floor, 262 Queen
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    Suite 4, 1st Floor, 23 Ringwood Street
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    P.O Box 4088,
    Ringwood 3134
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